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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jana {Wardell} Jorgensen


This is so fun to look back on all of the old pictures! We have LOADS of pictures and hours (probably days worth) of footage! All our costumes get great use still to this day! Haha I love the site! I have a blog- it’s private so email me at janawardell@msn.com and I’ll add you and anyone else who is interested in current updates. I will get some of the pictures from my mom’s house and send them to you! I love the memories of Cancun, Disneyworld, Lagoon, Disneyland, the list goes on and on! I have so many fun memories of hours at classes and falling asleep on the old black floor in Tuachan waiting for class to start! Class out of Cindy’s house. Polly showing up at 3 am ready for the red eye flight to Florida looking like she was headed to a fancy dinner party while the rest of us were in our p.j’s. Oh the memories! Are you still doing the alumni class?

Jana (Wardell) Jorgensen

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Rebekah {Leavitt} Lines

Yeah!!!! I was so excited to find this blog..... So many great and fun memories with the All American Cloggers. I was an original "Silver State Stomper" All the trips to Disneyland, Korea, Japan, and Hawaii. Oh how I miss the friendships and the clogging. Please Please Please have a class for younger girls. I would love for my daughter to take clogging. I would even do as my mother and other mothers had to do and drive from Bunkerville every week for lessons. (My daughter is 6) I have been married for 12 years and after living all several other places, including Italy, my husband and I settled back in Bunkerville. My poor husband has to listen to me periodically relive the glory days as and All American Clogger (just kidding) No but really I do miss it.

(Oh by the way. I am Ashlee Milne's aunt so I've seen you guys a few times....wedding, baby blessing, etc.)
I will have to go through all my old pictures to see if I have any great ones that can be posted.

Bekah (Leavitt) Lines

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holly {Jeppson} Moore

Hey Nicole,

I'm so glad you made this website! It brings back a flood of memories and makes me miss clogging SO much. I started clogging with the All American Cloggers when I was 8 and continued until I left for college. I took a couple of classes at BYU, it was fun, but just not the same! :) I finished school about a year ago and just had my first baby, a little girl, in September. Please tell Cindy and Polly hi for me! I wish I was living in So. Utah because I would totally be at your Alumni class. I still break out in Grand Old Flag, Dance, Siamsa, Sold, and Get Me Back to Dixie every once in a while -- if you ever get the chance to post the music for those dances on the website that would be awesome. I wish I could remember all of the other dances too. Most of my clogging pictures are at my parents house, next time I'm down there I will upload some and send them to you. We've got great pictures from Disneyland, Disneyworld, Germany, and Cancun.


Holly Jeppson Moore

P.S. Attached are the only two clogging pictures I have on my computer. The first one is my very first clogging recital! It was at the old Hurricane Fine Arts building. We did Sesame Jamboree, Happy Feet, and Grand Old Flag. The second one is me doing Siamsa. I loved that dance. I remember when we did at the Senior Olympic Games in St. George and the crowd went wild -- so fun!

P.S.S. I still have all of my old costumes and All American Clogger shirts hanging in my closet at home. I miss clogging.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer {Ballard} Wilson

I found the AAC blog from April and enjoy looking back on the glory days. I am married to a fellow clogger, Adam Wilson (who still breaks out in clog once in awhile), and we currently live in Salt Lake City. I have a little boy Noah (3), baby girl Ava (4months) and one about to pop out in 5 wks. Yeah the math doesn't work because my first 2 kids are adopted. I love the website and will keep checking back to see all my fellow cloggers.

Summer Ballard Wilson

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Christie {Crawford} Austad

I just started my 4 year old in tap class and was just thinking the other day that I don't have ANY pictures of me clogging. I am so happy to have found this site and this picture of me clogging! I would love to see more pictures!

Christie Crawford (Austad)

(Christie's Blog)

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Monica Langston

Nicole hey its monica langston i ran into cindy at wal mart and heard about your blog and looked it up and i so wanna join ! I have been missing it so much and im ready to get back into it so let me know any info. Thanks so much ! monica .

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Christanda Drake

Hi! My name is Christanda Drake and I am from Hurricane, Utah. I have been clogging since i was five and, still up to this day, enjoying the rhythm and fun of clogging! I ABSOLUTELY could not live without clogging! To all of the beginner cloggers out there, and even the professionals, always work hard, practice hard, and you will succeed! I know from experience that practice makes perfect! I love clogging and cant wait for the season to start again!

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Kaelee {Woodbury} Clifford


Melissa and I just found this blog and it is AWESOME! We are currently trying to find some of our videos and pictures but were wondering if you know how to transfer videos from vhs. We'll get whatever we have to you because there are some of our favorite dances missing (Oklahoma, the one with the black costumes with neon pink and green sleeves), although the Can Can ranks right up there!


Kaelee Woodbury Clifford

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Aubrey {Johnson} Clyde

Hey Guys! :) It was sure fun to find your blog and reminisce of the good ole days! Seems like so long ago!
From the pictures I went through I was in the Mission Impossible group, and Turn the beat around. (From Hurricane)
Aubrey (Johnson) Clyde. Been married 5 1/2 years now to the love of my life! We have a 3 year old little boy named Aaden and are currently living in the Uintah Basin, Vernal Utah where my husband is working for the state as a conservation officer.
Don't know what other info you want or need, but email me and I can send what you'd like your way! Thanks for blogging this, clogging was a lot of fun for me! I miss it and I miss the shape I was in while doing it! Ha! Thanks again!

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Charity {Tebbs} Smith

Hi Nicole!

I'm so happy to have come across your blog for AMC! It looks like you are doing well. I read on your bio that you are teaching English! I teach English also! It's the best subject ever! I really enjoy teaching. I teach high school right now, but I did teach middle school a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it also. I just enjoy the literature. This year is my first year teaching Seniors so I'm developing a whole new curriculum again.

My husband and I went to NYC for our honeymoon. I wish I would have know that you were living there, we have been looking for an excuse to visit again. It sounds like you've had a fun time from living back east to studying abroad! I really enjoy catching up with old friends, it's so interesting to see everyone as grown-up's. I guess I've just preserved this image of everyone just the way that they were, 15 years ago!

I wish I lived closer to home so I could join you in your quest to unite everyone for a trip. Chalene lives close to home though, Bridget does as well. Everyone else that I'm in contact lives far away. Kaylee is in Japan! Melissa is in another state, I can't remember but I do have her email. I don't know where Summer is. I would love to spread the word. I organized the last HHS 1998 class reunion, so I have contact info for a lot of people my age.

Well, take care!


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nicole {Metcalf} Hadley

I've been clogging since I could walk!

My mom is Cindy Metcalf (owner of AAC) so I got to know every clogger that graced his or her way through the ranks of Grand Old Flag and Sesame Jamboree.

I've been on every clogging trip and to every competition. In fact, I have even judged for the last 2 Dixie Clog competitions in SGU. I began teaching for Mom when I was 18 and when Mom switched to tap, I took over a few AAC classes until I moved to NYC so my hubby could go to school. For the last 7 years or so I have been more involved with tap than clogging. I took classes at the Broadway Dance Center when I lived in Manhattan and workshop all over the US with my mom. We even studied under Henry LeTang (winner of 3 tony awards) before he died. Mom and I teach tap at Diamond Talent Studios.

I'm married and teach middle school at SCMS in SGU. You can read about me on my blog:


Here are some of my fave pics and memories of clogging:

Charity Tebbs and I competed with duets for years. This pic is at the Arts Festival, but we traveled to clogging competitions all over Utah to try at make it to Nationals.

This was our second clogging trip to Hawaii. I'm pictured with Jenny Stevenson and Kari Hales- I hear they are both married with kids. I actually cheered with Kari in high school.

This is in Cacun on our last foreign clogging trip. That shark must have been sedated!

Here I am with Keirsten, Shalene, and Kathleen in Florida. We performed as part of the 25th anniversary show in Disney World.

I hated this lift- I always felt so sorry for Ashley Broadhead that she had to lift me (even though she was SUPER tough) and I wished it was the other way around. This is our ending pose for Yani (of course that CRAZY dance would have this pose!).

I love love LOVED dancing with Keirsten (Hinton) K. who was my best clogging friend in the entire world!!! She even came back to dance with us on our last Disneyland trip after we were both married! Britta Facer is on the left.

P.S. I miss clogging!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Megan Metcalf

Megan Metcalf has been a clogger from the beginning... actually, before the beginning as Mom taught classes up until the weekend before Meg was born. It's no wonder Meg has never stopped bouncing and has perfect rhythm. Meg stole the hearts of spectators in Germany when she performed a duet to Cowboy Sweetheart with Tyson Facer at an Asparagus Festival. Recently she has been involved heavily in tap- taking classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City and has studied under Cindy's direction at Diamond Talent. She won Sterling Scholar runner-up with a tap routine to Steppin' Out that would knock your socks off.

This is Meg after performing at an Asparagus Festival in Germany:

Meg just graduated from Dixie High School and will attend Dixie College in the fall. She still performs with the Stirland Family Show.

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